The scent of wet soil, primitive, organic forms, the wild spirit of nature. Faina – brand of furniture, lighting, and decor; a sensual expression of contemporary design rooted in Mother Earth and Ukrainian heritage. 

    Founded in 2014, after the Revolution of Dignity, FAINA represents Ukrainian identity, culture and spirit. Evoking ancient symbols, reviving ancestral crafts, working with live, primeal materials. FAINA's live minimalist design explores a sense of belonging to earth and guides back to the essence. 

    The omen-like archetypal shapes of design pieces harbour an animistic presence. In the hands of local artisans, each object finds a living soul. Ukrainian history passed on in sustainable collections of live Ukrainian design. 

    "Like our ancestors, I believe in the spiritual essence of things, the souls of our objects. And it's one of the core elements of what we call live design — creating something that is alive. Something with a spirit", Victoria Yakusha.




Soniah (Ukrainian: Sunflower) symbol of Ukrainian soil. Textured primitive shapes hand-crafted with the use of an ancient technique in FAINA's sustainable material ZTISTA.

The solar circular themes of SONIAH collection eliminate the excess, shine on the pristine. Available in a pallet of signature FAINA colors. 

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ZTISTA (Ukrainian: made-of-dough). Naive, sculptural design takes shape in chairs, tables, nightstands, consoles, lighting and more. Hand-crafted of FAINA’s signature sustainable material ZTISTA, which was designed to one day return to nature.

The living mass is applied to the frame by hand, layer by layer, giving the products a one-of-a-kind surface similar to the result of the Ukrainian technique — valkuvannya.

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Plyn (Ukrainian: fluidity) / a reflection on the nature of water. Primitive, organic shapes of upholstered furniture lay like coastal stones polished by wild waters. PLYN decor – portraits of water cast in glass. Free-blown vases uniquely guided by the nature of the material itself in the Ukrainian millenia-old art of gutnytstvo.

 “There’s something primal and natural in following the sun. By following the sun we follow the essence, our true selves” Victoria Yakusha, founder.

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