There is a lot of future in our past and a lot of past in our future.
And at the end: it has no time. All the arts here are timeless.

TIMELESS is a new demolition. New dimension means PURITY.  
The purity of design, the purity of the mind, the purity of the choices we are making in life.

Victoria Yakusha is a Ukrainian-born designer and architect who united five different handcrafted visionaries who shared different senses of worldview. The main key of the crafts laid in a cultural code, the spirit of freedom and respect for earth. Each of five visionaries is the one  who is a creator, an artist who does things out of the time, ahead of this time. By commitment to nature in the handcrafted language, the artisans even  in the modern time transfer the energy of the knowledge and the roots  into a ‘pure’ and continuum. It combines both; the time and space. This is a place that crosses the past, the present & the future.

Each of five visionaries speaks with own medium:


WHITE is a core color of exposition

White is a definition of blank completeness.

White will pave the way throughout the exposition.

White wool, white fabrics, white chocolate, white stones...

White is a neutral color but forces other colors to reveal themselves.

Like the future takes resources from the vast past to create pure reality.

Curtains that divide the space leading visitors through the various experiences, moving to a place where the reality of making things with your hands intersects with the new technologies. The division allows you to see the differences between each visionaries and to travel from one world to another inside one space. We need to pay attention to the real craft, unless we can lose it.

Entering the space You go deeper into your condition which helps you to concentrate more on senses. You lose time. It is all about CONTINUUM. The exhibition will gradually reveal various performances throughout the Milan design week. Every day is a new feeling experience of CONTINUUM. Located in the heart of Milan, the space is a place of creation, production, exchange and experimentation dedicated to design. Although each section is independent and has its own spirit, dedicated to the special craft.


17.04 | Opening day
11am - 13pm press event
1pm - 8pm exposition


3pm - 4pm DZHUS outfit transformation performance
6pm - 8pm open workshop from Dinara Kasko


2pm - 5pm open workshop from SOLOMIA RCS Craft Studio


3pm - 4pm DZHUS outfit transformation performance


2pm - 5pm open workshop from SOLOMIA RCS Craft Studio
6pm - 8pm open work shop from Dinara Kasko


3pm - 4pm DZHUS outfit transformation performance

23.04 | Working hours 10am - 6pm

2pm - 5pm ceremonial food of an Art object by Dinara Kasko